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Smart Security Enables Good Business

With respect to security, we know that commercial success relies on effective risk management. We utilize our deep experience to help our clients anticipate threats, mitigate vulnerabilities and design contingency plans to ensure business continuity, information security, and personal safety. We provide C-suite executives the tools they need to create a best-in-breed enterprise security program, including: information assurance, physical infrastructure security, cyber security, assessments of Policy and Procedure protocols, Work agreements, Onboarding/Offboarding, etc. through effective workforce management. With our help, Fortune 500 companies at home and abroad are utilizing the latest technological innovations and best practices to secure their most important assets: their people, their facilities, and their information.

Talon Security Solutions, LLC stands ready to support your enterprise in identifying various security, HR, and policy shortfalls, allowing your team to take action before they become a critical data breach.

A recent article highlights that, according to the FBI, 80 percent of the threats to data come from people who already have regular access to it, and building the strongest possible firewall around your operations is simply not going to work. Businesses have to refocus their thinking, concentrating on efforts beyond technology and casting a multidisciplinary view of their workforce and the access employees are given to data.

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Risk Assessment

Employees are still the biggest cybersecurity worry for companies, but nearly 1/3 of executives and managers consider a state-sponsored attack likely.

Percentage who listed the following among the most likely sources of an attack.

Careless employee 74%
Criminal syndicates 56%
Malicious employee 52%
Hactivists 46%
External contractor working on our site 36%
Lone wolf hacker 36%
State-sponsored attacker 30%
Supplier 17%
Other business partner 14%
Customer 12%

Source: Ernst & Young Global Information Security Survey of 1,735 C-suite leaders and information-security and IT executives and managers in 72 countries, conducted between June and August 2016.

Tom Coyle, President / CEO Talon Security Solutions, LLC

Tom Coyle, President / CEO Talon Security Solutions, LLC

Our experienced Team will assist you by protecting against a myriad of cyber risks in order to lessen the effects of possible data breaches.

Our decades of practical experience with US Government intelligence agencies will allow us to help you understand what works and what does not work, in a variety of settings with a global perspective around the world.

Talon Security Solutions will work with you on every aspect of this complex threat. Based on our process of discovery, we will deliver an Action Plan that prepares you and your Executive Team before any breach of data materializes. When a breach occurs and your IT team has identified the potential cause, we can take immediate action and answer the critical “What Next” question.

Are you a CIO, CFO, or Chief People Officer, focused on the Bottom Line, but equally concerned about how to prepare for a data breach?

I spend my time working with CIOs and CFOs who can’t sleep at night.

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Is Your Company Prepared?

Your Company needs prevention to defend against the myriad of daily, low-level attacks (and make targeted attacks harder); detection software to spot the attackers that may get through your defenses (external or internal); and finally, your Company needs a pre-planned and organized response capability in place, so as to minimize the damage; have an effective communications plan ready; and deal with the resulting personnel issues.  These are just a few of the post-breach issues that must be handled.  The time to prepare for this eventuality is now. And we can help.

Sensible Solutions

What distinguishes us from everyone else? Our unique insights based upon decades of successfully supporting the Client in this area of protection.

Our Client Strategy

We help our clients retain hard-fought reputation, brand and market share by proactively planning ahead for the trusted employee who decides to steal intellectual property.

Forward Thinking

Our consultants are leading experts in security, internal investigations and cyber threats of all descriptions.

Beyond The Box

We know how to deliver tailored, innovative security solutions to your Company as a part of comprehensive overall security plan.

What causes Companies to be vulnerable to a breach by a trusted insider?

  • Failure of the workforce to discern concerning behavior on the part of a co-worker
  • Lackluster workforce training, e.g.no specific training in current threats, nor an appreciation of the consequences of a data loss
  • Uneven enforcement of existing in existing security and IA policies
  • Shortfalls in on-site personnel and physical security
  • Broad access privileges for all employees regardless of duties or requirement
  • Lack of a timely, coordinated and pre-planned response in the event of an incident