Talon Security Solutions, LLC won a contract in March 2017 to provide cybersecurity and data protection strategies to a growing portable energy company engaged in the manufacture of extremely innovative (and safe) batteries for the global market.  The Company management team recognized that, in a very competitive environment, they must identify and address unknown security shortfalls, reducing their vulnerability to an unscrupulous competitor or other threats to their intellectual property.
Talon recently completed the first phase of its assessment, with an on-site security audit and risk assessment employing the decades of practical experience with US Government intelligence agencies. Once the assessment was completed it was reviewed and resulted in actionable recommendations to the Executive team that focused on process, policy and procedural changes with the IT, HR, and Line management areas. The key area of focus is to reduce the likelihood of a data breach based on a ‘Human Factor’ approach. Mitigating the risk of a damaging data breach caused by insiders is increasingly becoming the preferred choice for companies who appreciate that their workforce is their greatest asset when engaged, trusted and valued. Companies trained to identify and mitigate the growing myriad of cyber threats associated with social engineering substantially improve their security posture toward these insidious threats.
CBCGROUPWINS provides Talon Security Solutions with business strategy and business development services.