Talon Security Solutions, LLC contributes to newly published report

Talon Security Solutions, LLC, was a contributor to the newly-published Defense Personnel and Security Research Center document entitled, “A Strategic Plan to Leverage the Social & Behavioral Sciences to Counter the Insider Threat” (OPA-2018-082 PERSEREC-TR-18-16 October 2018). The report, which included interviews with selected insider threat experts, focuses on six major areas: Employee Reporting; Technology; Tools & Data; Individual Factors; Organizational Factors; and Program Evaluation, http://www.dhra.mil/PERSEREC/Selected-Reports/#TR18-16.

“We are very pleased to see that the Department of Defense is increasing the focus on the “Human Factor” aspects of the complex and persistent insider threat problem. This new report is important because it highlights the critical role of the human and organizational elements of combating insider threat,” said Tom Coyle CEO of Talon Security Solutions, LLC. “While technology solutions have an important place in the overall security plan, taking action to address the social and behavioral aspects of the insider threat are being increasingly recognized as critical.”

Improving our Nation’s security, both private and public sector, must include bold new approaches to identifying malicious or careless insider threats. As organizations consider their next steps in mitigating the danger of insider threat, the most effective, strategic approach must include: strong leaders demonstrating a real commitment and personal ‘ownership’ in a comprehensive insider threat program; a coordinated/multidisciplinary approach; employing and evolving a “living” strategy, and quantitative and qualitative metrics for a more thorough and continuous risk assessment.

“The core of the most effective Insider Threat Initiatives must include both transactional and transformational elements. For example, leaders can instill a transformational element by inspiring the workforce to identify with a great cause or mission, thus creating a culture of responsibility and accountability. This sets the foundation for transactional improvements, which can include positive incentives to those who identify security gaps, including troubled colleagues who may need assistance, or even intervention, said Tom.”

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