We work with three of the very best-in-class technology partners in the world to provide the client with Turn-Key Solutions to protect data, people, market share and reputation.​

Personam, Inc
Personam, IncInsider Threat Detection
Personam is an innovation-driven cyber-security company dedicated to safeguarding assets from threats that originate inside the trust perimeter. Whether the danger is from an individual intent on exploiting a position of trusted access, a compromised mobile device attached to the network, or the unwitting victim of a spear phishing attack, our platform effectively detects these threats at the earliest stages of an attempted breach.
Simpatico Software Systems, Inc.
Simpatico Software Systems, Inc.Database Analytics Solutions
Simpatico Software Systems, Inc. is a US-based company specializing in large scale database analytics solutions.
Black Sail Defense Ltd.
Black Sail Defense Ltd.Cybersecurity and S2M business development
Black Sail Defense, Ltd. is a Management Consulting and Professional Services firm focused on solving complex problems that chart a course for success. We focus on Information Security and Strategic Security Management.