Talon Security Solutions, LLC. is a U.S.- based management consulting firm specializing in all aspects of the non-technical, “People” solutions to the complex data loss/insider threat problem. We focus on Information Security and creative common sense internal procedures and policy development.

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  • Data breaches are a statistical certainty.
  • Important steps to take in preparation.
  • The “Human Factor”
  • Who is the biggest threat to your company’s data.

Talon Security Solutions, LLC provides a systematic, full scope review, to include taking the “pulse” of the Human Resources, Legal and Security apparatus in place, to ascertain what is described as the corporate security “culture”. Our team will examine the business processes and related staff practices which play a crucial role in implementation and continuity of security, IT, or compliance programs. We deliver specific recommendations, additions, and enhancements to your existing security plan. We work closely with technology vendors, advising on the best ways to implement those tools. Finally, and perhaps most important, we provide advice and assist on stake-holder/workforce “buy-in”.

Why Choose Us?

  • Systematic, full scope review and vulnerability assessment
  • The best experts available, including veterans from CIA, FBI, and NSA
  • We work closely with technology vendors
  • We provide advice and assist on stake-holder/workforce “buy-in”
  • We will help you ‘manage the tension’ between the needs and rights of your employees with the Company’s security needs.
  • We will assist in creating Guidelines for inclusion in the Company handbook/blogs, etc.