Know Your Enemy: The most popular hacking methods

Social Engineering (e.g. phishing) 81%
Compromised Accounts (e.g. weak passwords) 62%
Web Based Attacks (e.g. SQL/Command Injection) 51%
Client Side Attacks (e.g. against doc readers, web browsers) 33%
Exploit Against Popular Server Updates (e.g. Open SSL) 23%
Unmanaged Personal Devices (e.g. Lack of BYOD policy) 21%
Physical Intrusion 15%
Shadow IT (e.g. Personal cloud-based service for business use) 11%
Managing 3rd Party Service (e.g. Outsourced Infrastructure) 9%
Taking Advantage of Cloud Data (e.g. IAAS, PAAS) 6%

Our Services

Our experienced Team delivers a systematic, full scope review of the risk your Company faces regarding the “human side” of data breaches, typically identified as a trusted employee who decides to steal Company critical assets/intellectual property for financial gain, malicious purposes or something in between. Almost all malicious insiders show indications of their intent in advance of their actions. In addition, careless employees who unwittingly introduce some sort of vulnerability will have the same consequences as a vulnerability placed there intentionally.

Talon Security Solutions, LLC takes the “pulse” of the Human Resources, Legal and Security apparatus currently in place, to ascertain what is described as the corporate security “culture”. Upon request, Talon Security Solutions, LLC will provide  a comprehensive threat assessment of your business. Our team will examine the business processes and related staff practices which play a crucial role in implementation and continuity of security, IT, or compliance programs. We can help you to identify what you don’t know.

We deliver specific recommendations, additions, and enhancements to your existing security plan. We work closely with technology vendors, advising on the best ways to implement those tools. Finally, and perhaps most important, we provide advice and assist on stake-holder/workforce “buy-in”.

Talon Security Solutions, LLC can provide businesses with either a single report, or follow-on semi-annual security “check-ups” to ensure previously recommended security enhancements are addressing identified threats and protecting assets, intellectual property, market share, and the good name of the Company. We will assist you in fully leveraging your dynamic and engaged workforce as they become to understand that they are truly the ‘First Line of Defense’.

Why Choose Us?

  • Systematic, full scope review and vulnerability assessment.
  • The best experts available, including veterans from CIA, FBI, and NSA.
  • Advise and assist on stake-holder/workforce “buy-in”.
  • Help you ‘manage the tension’ between the needs and rights of your employees with the Company’s security needs.
  • We will assist in creating Guidelines for inclusion in the Company handbook/blogs, etc.
  • Close relationships with a wide variety of cyber/data protection technology vendors.
Insider Threat Security

Mind The Breach

The breach disclosed by Equifax ranks among the largest ever publicly disclosed by a company.

Yahoo* (2016) – 1 billion customers
Yahoo* (2016) – 500 million customers
Equifax (2017) – 143 million customers
Heartland Payment Sys. (2009) – 130 million accounts
Linkedin (2016) – 117 million customers
Sony (2011) – 100 million customers
TJX (2007) – 90 million customers
Anthem (2015) – 80 million customers

*Believed to be separate incidents  Source: The Wall Street Journal 09/08/2017

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