Over the years we have worked with many people in various industries and professions. Below are some testimonials. Please take the time to read what people are saying.

Tom’s operational expertise led to him filling numerous high visibility positions within DoD (2004-2012) that enabled him to provide operational guidance at the strategic level to DoD leadership, and at the tactical level to those executing the operational mission. In my roles with the Counterintelligence Field Activity (CIFA) and as the Director of Staff for the Defense Intelligence Agency’s (DIA) Defense Counterintelligence and Human Intelligence Center (DCHC), I have firsthand knowledge of Tom’s capabilities as I regularly found ourselves partnered in countering threats posed by foreign entities.

As a result of Tom’s understanding of human behavior, he quickly became a leading expert in the identification and mitigation of threats posed to organizations by the trusted insider. As the Defense Intelligence Senior Level (general/flag officer equivalent) responsible for the development and execution of DIA’s Insider Threat Program, I regularly conferred with Tom to identify observable human behavior that may be indicative of an insider threat and the informational sources and techniques needed to detect and assess such behavior. I found myself very fortunate to have had the opportunity to leverage Tom’s understanding of the complex human psyche and the behavior associated with criminal and/or destructive human activity. Without knowing it, Tom was instrumental in the development of DIA’s award winning Insider Threat Program.

Steven D. McIntosh, DISL, Insider Threat Program Manager, Defense Intelligence Agency (RET)

Had the pleasure to have Tom Coyle do some security work for my company. Lots of fun connecting with a brother and highly recommend Tom’s skills.

Todd Peters, BrightVolt
Had the privilege of seeing Tom influentially interact with a variety of clients from security professionals to executives. Tom’s leadership skills and subject matter expertise spans the security spectrum, beyond traditional and technical. Whether your goal is to protect classified national security information or intellectual property, Tom’s your guy.
Anthony Cusano, Division Chief, Counterterrorism and Information Security at USAID
I worked with Tom on a couple of projects and was impressed with his ability to tackle tough problems, see through political positioning, and overcome difficult challenges to completing his task. He was professional and outcome oriented.
Keith Lowry, Senior Vice President || Business Threat Intelligence and Analysis, Nuix
Tom Coyle’s visit was essential because Roanoke needed professional outside expertise to launch their cybersecurity awareness campaign – especially the human side. I heard good things about his visit and his presentation. I want to thank him again for the above-and-beyond support he provided while he was here!
Rebecca Sandlin - CIO, Roanoke College, Virginia
I have known Tom personally and professionally for over thirty years. We worked together as Special Agents and criminal investigators with the U.S. Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) at various locations around the world. I had the opportunity to closely observe Tom’s work ethic, productivity and resourcefulness over a long period of time, in many difficult and ambiguous situations.

Tom is one of the finest individuals I have ever known. He consistently demonstrates the highest levels of integrity, honesty and resourcefulness. He is eager and passionate about his work, and demonstrates extraordinary loyalty to people and organizations with which he works. As a criminal investigator, Tom displayed a unique tenacity to follow the most complex investigative leads resulting in high quality results. He has deep experience in matters of security, criminal investigations, counterintelligence and the development of insider threat programs. He worked extensively with senior executives from the Department of Defense, the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the U.S. Intelligence Community. Tom’s experiences enable him to quickly grasp any new problem, develop a prudent course of action, and deliver highly impactful results. In addition, Tom maintains a very broad network of trusted executives from the corporate security and federal law enforcement communities.

Mike Dorsey, Chief Security Officer /Vice President, Brocade
Talon Security Solutions, LLC (www.talonsecuritysolutionsllc.com) won a contract in March 2017 to provide cybersecurity and data protection strategies to a growing portable energy company engaged in the manufacture of extremely innovative (and safe) batteries for the global market.  The Company management team recognized that, in a very competitive environment, they must identify and address unknown security shortfalls, reducing their vulnerability to an unscrupulous competitor or other threats to their intellectual property.
Talon recently completed the first phase of its assessment, with an on-site security audit and risk assessment employing the decades of practical experience with US Government intelligence agencies. Once the assessment was completed it was reviewed and resulted in actionable recommendations to the Executive team that focused on process, policy and procedural changes with the IT, HR, and Line management areas. The key area of focus is to reduce the likelihood of a data breach based on a ‘Human Factor’ approach. Mitigating the risk of a damaging data breach caused by insiders is increasingly becoming the preferred choice for companies who appreciate that their workforce is their greatest asset when engaged, trusted and valued. Companies trained to identify and mitigate the growing myriad of cyber threats associated with social engineering substantially improve their security posture toward these insidious threats.
CBCGROUPWINS provides Talon Security Solutions with business strategy and business development services.
Clients on the Move, CBCGROUPWINS